It was my Jo’s birthday yesterday. So a belated Happy Birthday to her! It is so sad that despite the fact that we are in the same city again, I don’t get to see her on her birthday. I don’t get to see her all week actually. Stupid 2 jobs…

Speaking of that, I’m getting quite good at being a little Timbit. There is one dude that comes in every night shortly before 9, orders a large coffee, 4 sugar, 2 cream, heated for a minute, and then put in a to-go cup. He’s a strange one. And some of the little high school kids enjoy making fun of the fact that I’m 24 and a trainee at Tim Hortons.

High School Girl (HSG): What grade are you in?
Me: I’m not.
HSG: Really? How old are you
Me: 24. I’m an IT guy at a company up the street.
HSG: haha, you are 24 and a trainee at Tim Hortons. I thought you were like 16. Maybe 18.
Me: Ah well, it is paying for my new house.
HSG: Just wait until finds out. He’s going to make fun of you so much.
Me: Really? Oh no, I’m going to made fun of by a high school kid?!? My life is over! Whatever am I going to do with my self?!

At which point she just looked at me funny and walked away. See, I’m making friends already.

Actually most of the folks have been pretty cool to work with so far. Helpful and such. I guess it helps that I’m competent, and actually show up for my shifts, unlike the other 2 new guys that were supposed to start this week and didn’t show up. Or the other girl who quit after her first shift. She just never came back. So I’m doin alright. I’ve already mastered teh coffee stations and am quickly learning the till, which I wasn’t even supposed to start until next week. Soon I’ll be working the sandwich station, and hopefully be moved to the back so I don’t have to deal with customers. Woo hoo!

I was warned before I started that my clothes will stink after working there, and boy was she right. I have a uniform and everything, but I already dispise the smell. And to have it on my clothes when I get home is disgusting. I feel like hanging my uniform outside every night to air it out. *blech*

I now own a little piece of the internet! šŸ˜€ http://www.theneufelds.org is mine! I’ll be able to setup webpages, and e-mails for my family. I’ll setup a wedding page for people to rsvp, or link to the registry, all sort of possibilities. I can start hosting all my pictures, setup an FTP for transferring files to people in other locations. Endless fun! All for the low low price fo 5 bucks a month. Which I’m going to get covered by hosting an FTP for the worship stuff for church. Yay for entrepreneurialship! (i actually spelled that right on my first try!)

Oh, and a tip for those of you looking at buying an external harddrive (hdd) for backup, or portable storage, or whatever. External hdd’s are expensive, still around a buck a gig while internal hdd’s often go on sale for less than $0.50/gig. I just bought a 500 gig that I need for work for under $200. So catch a suitably sized internal hdd on sale, and then buy yourself a hdd caddy. They are around $60 and you just put the hdd into the caddy and you are good to go. It runs off USB 2.0, or firewire, just like an out-of-the-box external harddrive, but is a fraction of the price. šŸ™‚ Just a tip.

Oh, a great hot drink for later in the evening, a decaf mocha. šŸ™‚ Half hot chocolate, half decaf coffee, with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles. All the flavor, none of the caffiene. (good for those that want something nice to drink in the evening without the caffiene to keep you up all night)


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