Daylight Saving Time

Okay, so I am confused. Apparently in August of 2005, the Congress in the US decided to extend daylight savings time beginning this spring. So the whole “Spring ahead” will now happen 3 weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March (March 11, 2007) and “Fall back” one week later, on the first Sunday in November. This means that there will be more daylight for kids trick-or-treating. 🙂

So how come nobody knows about this? And is it only the US, or are we doing it up here in Canada as well? I remember they made a big fuss about it at the time, about whether or not we were going to do it just because the Americans did. That if we did we’d just be rolling over to follow suit like we normally do. But this time it just makes sense. It would be stupid if we didn’t.

Okay, so we are. Article is here.

Oh, and remember, it’s Daylight Saving Time. Not Daylight Savings


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