Do you ever sit and think about your past? About things your used to do? About things that were once really important in your life, but faded away? From grades 4 through 7 or 8, I was in drama, and I always got the lead role. I ended up dropping out of drama b/c I didn’t get the lead in the last play I was in. Petty, I know. I was also on Student Council, I did public speaking, science fairs (even made it to the city ones a couple of times), Yearbook committee, and even editor one year. I planned school events, I was involved with committees both in school and in my classes. I was involved with lots of things, very much not an introvert. These things were all a vital part of my life, and they just kinda went away.

Once I hit high school, and all my friends were suddenly too cool for me, I became this bitter, hateful person. I became more and more of an introvert, whereas growing up I was completely the opposite. I had friends, I went out, I was involved in things. Suddenly I stopped all that. Partly b/c I didn’t have the friend base anymore, but even the new friends I made, they were all shy introverted people themselves that never really did much. Well they did stuff with each other, but not so much with me. Maybe because I was the new friend. I was the one that joined them. They were established. It’s weird how it all turned out. And to think I want to be a Pastor. I’m not really a big people person. Communication definitely isn’t one of my strong points. It’s strange to think about some days. Not depressing or anything. Just weird.


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