Woo! Meatloaf tonight! In 2 and a half hours! Fuckin’ Rights!

In other news…
Driving along the highway into town yesterday I saw a dead cat lying on the shoulder of the road. It was an orange tabby cat. (or are all tabby cat’s orange?). It was still there this morning. It makes me sad to see it.

Lots of travelling in my near future, Yay! Regina for 4 days at the end of this month, Orlando for a week at the end of April, and Vancouver for a week at the end of May. Lots of fun.

Oh, and I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. It’s actually kinda cool. So many people that I haven’t seen/talked to in years. Some since before highschool ended. That was quite awhile ago now. There are all these people I know. And they are all growed up. It’s nuts. Anyway, you should join. lol I know there is a new one out every month, Myspace, Hi5, etc…, but I think this one is the coolest. 😀

I’m off to see Meatloaf!


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