No concert will ever compare.

Ahhh, the sweet fuzziness that is post-concert bliss. Especially following the Best. Concert. Ever. Period.

Fuck it was awesome. He walked on stage and i was just in awe. He looked like someone’s Grandpa. But then he started singing, and boy can that man belt it out. All of these songs that have defined my life. Hearing them actually being played. Seeing them make the music. Not just hearing it come out of some speakers or headphones. Actually living the music. Feeling it. Immersing myself in it. It is indescribable.

I have seen Meatloaf. Just writing it sends shivers up my spine. It was just so awesome. So many classics with a smattering of the new stuff. Music from all 3 of the Bat out of Hell albums.

Row 14 on the floor. It was mind blowing. I’m still processing it all. And will continue to.


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