6 weeks to go

So Mama Bean and I got lots of wedding stuff done this week. Well, not lots, but things that needed doing got done. We picked out and bought our wedding bands, and picked out the tuxes.

The wedding bands are beautiful. White gold comfort bands. Totally plain, and matching. Mine is slightly wider than Jo’s. There were some nicer, fancier ones, but at double the price. I quite like these. They are simple, and the perfect symbol of our love. And at like $300ish for the pair, that’s awesome.

The tux shopping was rather fun. I was measured and fitted rather quickly by this weird dude with a speech impediment, and then we sat around and waited for the guy to pick our styles and stuff. I think we were in there almost 2 hours total, but the second guy, the one who helped with the style choices was amazing. He let me know how the different styles fit, which ones fit smaller, or larger, and all that stuff. He was amazing. I am wearing mint green (read: kermit the frog), and the other guys will be wearing a chocolate brown.

It’s nice to get that all out of the way and taken care of. I’ve been going nuts trying to get ready for this course I’m teaching next week in Regina. I’m so fucked. I have no idea what I’m doing and am going to show up and look like a complete tool. They will be paying $1200/day plus my expenses to have me stand up there and read the fucking book to them. 😦 I jumped/got pushed in way over my head on this one. I tried to salvage it, but I have way to much going on and the stress just killed me. I, along with half of my office, got really sick this week with a flu/cold, so that’s totally messed me up this week. All this stress is just contributing to me being sick. And with me taking possession of the new house next week, moving Easter weekend, wedding 6 weeks from today, trying to get this house finished painting and prepped to sell, and preparing/leading for worship practices (with the one on April 1st, being our big praise/worship service). I’m going fucking bonkers.

At least with this Regina thing out of the way when I get back I can start concentrating on other things. I’m very much a focus on the trees, not the forest kinda guy, so when all I see is this massive forest, I lose it. My stress coping mechanisms suck.

So I’m very happy to have Mama Bean in my life, and even more so that she is back in town. She makes all of this a million times easier. I still don’t deal with it all very well, but she makes things that much easier. I almost said “fuck it” on friday and cancelled this class, even though I have my airfare booked and everything, but at that moment Mama Bean called me, and just hearing her voice calmed me down, and I was able to think a little clearer and sort things out in my head. She’s good for things like that.

Only 6 weeks until I get to wake up beside her every morning. And come home to her every night. We’ve been together almost 6 years. It’s going to be wonderful.


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