A plague on society

And completely unrelated…(well, they are both plagues on society)

So what’s the deal with Gender specific women’s fitness centers? I mean seriously, WTF? It was all well and good when there was a women’s only section in the gym, that’s fine. They have their own little area, with their own little weights, and their own little machines. They were hidden in another room, or on another floor, or behind smoked glass so that no gross men would ogle them while they are working out. See that was okay. Why? B/c there was still a place for the guys to work out. But now, there are these stupid little women only gyms popping up everywhere, and they are taking away potential clients for real gyms, which end up not opening b/c the lack of clientle. This means that if a guy wants to go to the gym, he has to traipse halfway across town, passing God know’s how many (which is far too many) Women Only gyms along the way.

These gender specific gyms are a plague on our society. They prey upon some stupid idea that women need their own place to workout, b/c for whatever reason they feel it is inappropriate to sweat in front of men, or whatever dumb reason.

So I’m trying to find a gym near my new house, which if I were a woman, would be no problem at all, as there are 3 or 4 in the immediate area. But finding one that a male can frequent is a bit more of a chore. And heaven forbid there be a male only gym.

So anyway…gender specific gyms are taking away the business of real gyms, and plaguing our society with their stupid advertising while inconveniencing the rest of the population who despite being overweight and gross can still suck it up to work out with everyone else.


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