So married life is awesome. I keep getting these mini “Hey, I’m married.” revelations, and I’m quite enjoying it. And Saturday was our 6 year anniversary of being together. I know it isn’t as big of a deal now that we are married, but that’s still a long freakin time to be together already. I think so anyway.

So the big ok’ Calgary Stampede is coming up next week. I’m not a huge fan, but everyone else seems to love it. Everyone wears their friggin cowboy gear, and there are tons of parties and bbqs and shit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the free food, and the tourism money is great for the economy, but I think the general IQ of the population is inversely proportional to the lv of promiscuity. There is one hotel/club in particular that isn’t helping matters any. This year, they have implemented a ring check at the door. This allows people to check their rings as they arrive, and they even provide complimentary spray-on tan to eliminate the ring tan line.

The spokesman they had on TV talking about it tried to spin the idea to make it seem like rings were interfering with peoples’ dancing. Getting snagged on clothing, scratching other people, etc… So up until this point, I was a littel dubious, but could kinda accept his explanation. That is until he started talking about their spray on tan to remove the ring tan line. Why would you want to hide the fact that you are not single, if you weren’t interested in hooking up. Especially in a dark club.


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