A post from Aug 2nd

So I played my first real round of golf on the weekend. We drove out to brooks (150km outside of the city) to meetup with a guy from school, and go 18 holes on one of the courses out there. It was pretty fun. Well the first 14 holes anyway. After that I was just dead and sucked it up big time. Granted I suck anyway, but after that point it got rough. It took us 5 hours, and I shot a 132. Which I’m pretty sure is absolutly horrible, but then it was my first time.

Our trip home was quite eventful. Now Brooks is 170ish km from Calgary. So at the speed limit of 110 it takes roughly an hour and a half. Amit and I made it out there in about 55 minutes. We were going about 190 for most of the way out there. Coming back home we were a little tired, so he kept the speed to a more managable 170. (And we realized that curise control on a 2002 Nissan Altima tops out at 140, you can’t set it above that)
So the first excitement was seeing flames shooting up into the sky from an earlier explosion on the pipeline. There were lots of people stopped on the side of the road checking it out and slowing down rubbernecking.
A few minutes later a cop car passes us going the opposite direction, probably to check on the fire, though he can’t pass up a car going 170km/h in the opposite direction. So he promptly turns around and pulls us over. I guess I should state that it was not me driving. The officer walks over to the window, looks at Amit and says, “Please get out of the vehicle sir, you are under arrest.” Eeek!

So yeah, if you go 60 over the limit it is considered reckless driving and you are under arrest. This is a criminal charge, not a traffic violation, meaning a criminal record. Amit also failed to provide proof of insurance. So this should be another 2886 dollars and change (which can be dropped to 174 when you show that you actually had it). So after suitably scaring Amit, and having us call for a ride b/c he was calling a tow truck to tow the car with no insurance.

At this point he got a call from someone saying that people were starting to cause a traffic slowdown and potential hazard by the pipeline fire, and to go usher people along.

So Amit got off. No arrest. No criminal charge or record. No massive speeding fine. No $3000 fine for no insurance. Just a piddly little $174 fine for not showing him insurance papers. No car towed. Crazyness. What a lucky bastard.


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