So there’s this lady, or rather girl, in our Edmonton office who has been talking about getting a little dog. She was looking at getting a little shi-tzu or bichon.

Yesterday she found a lady giving away a pair of them, male and female, 2 years old, and it was okay if she split them up. So she went and looked at them, and they were super cute, and she took the male one home.

I ask her today how her new little puppy is doing and I hear “I took it to the SPCA.” WHAT?!? Yup, she figures she’s not ready for the responsibility. Which is all well and good, some people are not fit for raising dogs, but seriously… I’m sure it’ll get adopted, and find a nice home. But could you imagine what the previous owners of the dog would have thought? Give their dog away to what they think is a nice home, and the next day it’s at the pound. Give your head a shake woman! WTF?!!!?

So yeah, that’s my rant for the day. My give-a-shit factor for work has run out, and I’m exhausted and sick and tired of dealing with all this stress and bullshit. All that travelling and server upgrades and whatnot have drained me. I’m off tomorrow, and will work half day Saturday and take Tuesday off. That’ll give me a long weekend, and allow me to recouperate a bit.


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