Car woes

So we’re looking at purchasing a new car. Mine is running a little rough, and I’m not sure I awnt to go through another winter, worrying everyday whether or not it’s going to die on me. I could sell it now and maybe make a couple of grand, or drive it until it dies (in the next year or so) and get nothing from it and have to scramble to get something else. I can get something now while there are good deals, and fix up my car and sell it, and there’s alot less pressure.

But it’s a lot of extra cash outta our pocket every month. $300-350/month, which is actually pretty awesome, but that’s $3000/year that we could be putting towards student loans. Sacrifices…decisions… Why is being an adult so hard? /sigh

So we are debating between a Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, or Nissan Versa, but I think the Versa is out. All the reviews I’m reading have it quite a bit lower and it’s usually a battle between a Fit and a Yaris. The Fit is a little more expensive, so I leaning towards the Yaris. We took it for a test drive the other day, and I quite liked it. I want to hit up the Honda dealership and check it out though. Kari and James have a little fit, and it’s just so cute and fun, and I love the way the seats all fold down. It’s got better handling and it seems to be an overall better car, with some of the best passive safety features, so that’s one of the debates of price vs. safety.


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