Respect? What’s that?

Seriously…I’m going to fucking lose it. Now I see why our IT consultant is the way he is. If you aren’t firm, and know when to say no, you’ll get walked all over.

We have this new guy in our office who transferred from our office from BC. He’s not technically an employee, still just a consultant, but they are trying to get him on staff. This means that every time he wants something, he gets it. New, larger monitor? sure. Wireless keyboard and mouse? Of course. Now the guy he’s sharing an office with, who used to be pretty decent (or so I thought) is being a little fucking prick and trying to bully me into getting him things. Just because this new guy has them, he figures he should as well. Fuck that. You don’t need it. You just want it b/c you are a little man with a Napolean complex. The thing is that he doesn’t even get it. He doesn’t see that he’s being a little bitch. I get no respect. I’ll talk to the boss and what happens? Oh just order it. WHAT THE FUCK? All these little frivolous things come out of the bottom line, which means less money in my bonus.

I kind of understand where he is coming from, but I’m just sick of people asking for, and getting, shit they don’t need.

No respect…


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