Stupid People

So ths whole married thing rocks. Except for the rarely getting to see each other part. We both work Tues-Sat at our day jobs, and I work another 12-15 hours a week at Walmart changing tires and oil on my days off, while Mama Bean works another 20ish hours at Starbucks on her days off and after work on Tuesdays and Saturdays. It pretty much sucks. We come home after work and if it’s a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, Mama Bean is most likely working the closing shift till 9:30, Wednesdays are worship practice till 10, Care group on Thursday’s till 10, and more often than not, some family thing on Friday’s. So we get to sleep, and wakeup together which, don’t get me wrong, is friggin awesome, but seriously…

Christmas is coming. I’m thinking I might take the last 5 days of my vacation for the year and spend 3 or 4 of them working at Wal-mart. Kinda double dipping for the extra cash. We aren’t so bad off, I mean we have a house with more than 25% paid off, 2 cars, one of which is paid off entirely, and more than enough stuff, but it’s the student loans that kill us.

I was talking to the folks at Wal-mart the other day and the topic of me being married came up, and the reason I’m working a second job is to help with the loan payments. The first thing this girl says is how I’m screwed if we get divorced. Nothing positive, just and immediate, “man, you’re screwed.” Her reasoning being that I’m spending all this money paying off her student loans, and there’s no way I’ll get that back. Mama Bean will have her Doctor title, which I helped pay for, and I get half of the rest b/c you can’t really split education.

What a negative attitude. I just couldn’t believe it. At the time I just thought to myself, well it’s a good thing I’m not planning on getting divorced. I dunno, it was just a shitty thing to say and it pissed me off. I guess partially b/c it’s true, but that completly defeats the purpose. You can’t live your married life thinking that one day you might get divorced so you better live it carefully so that when the time comes I get my proper share. That thought had never crossed my mind, and now that it has, I’m sure as hell not going to live that way. Seriously! ARGH! Stupid people and the stupid things they say!


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