So I decided to put my Christmas “bonus” to good use this year. Every year my boss gives us $400-500 to spend with a few conditions attached. It has to be paid by company cheque or put on the company credit card, which means dragging my boss out to pay at the till for whatever we want to buy, so make it something big, and limit it the number of seperate transactions.

Last year I bought a deep freeze and an iron. 2 things that I needed, and have been put to good use. Well less so the iron, but it is handy when required.

But this year…this year I decided to get stuff for us. WE got $440 and I think we put it to good use. We bought ourselves a Nintendo Wii, one of the hardest gifts to find this Christmas next to Guitar Hero, but since I work at Wal-mart I had an in. PLUS 20% off! And then we spend the remaining 200 bucks at amazon.ca. Such a wonderful site. So many great and wonderful things to buy. I got Mama Bean a bunch of books that she wanted, and I got me some books I’ve been wanting.

But the pièce de résistance is this…

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes!


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