My sales manager forgot…no, neglected, to renew our domain. It expired, and was subsequently cancelled. Once it was cancelled, someone else bought it. And now we are fucked. And since it was his fuckup, and he is essentially my boss, it’s now my issue to deal with.

It turns out it was a fuck-up on both our end, as well as the hosting company.

So I’m firing off e-mails, calling people, etc… Now I find I have to send a certified check for $10 to some privacy company to release the name of the party who has bought our domain. It costs $10 just to get a certified check. ARGHHHHHHHHHH

I’m going to lose it. And it’s not like I had enough other things to do today.

(fix the ftp, deal with tech calls, respond to 18 e-mails with requests for internal stuff, fix 4 lab computers, find out why my lab server is on the fritz, setup 3 computers, test 5 monitors, move some filing cabinets and bookshelves, replace a broken lightswitch in the boss’ office when none of the breakers are marked, find out why our e-mails are still on some blacklists, setup our bulk e-mails to be compliant with standards so that we aren’t labeled as spam, setup a bunch of accounts for upcoming training classes, buy some ups’ for the servers in two of our remote offices, find out why our database server keeps crashing, and the list goes on)

Oh yeah, did I mention get our fucking domain back? That’s priority number one.


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