We got a new puppy last night! He’s so cute, and fun. His name is Gibson, and he’s a 3 month old Yorkie/Maltese cross.

One of Jo’s co-workers is moving and she can’t take him with her, so she needed to find a good home for him. Oh oh! Pick me! Pick me! And so now you will find him in our kitchen, romping around enjoying the freedom. They used to keep him in his crate when they are away at work all day, as wel as all night. We’re going to take a different approach and block off the kitchen entrance so that he can play in there.

He doesn’t shed, and is hypo-allergenic, which is awesome. The entire time growing up, we always had dogs around, and I never had any problems. In the last few years though I’ve started to notice an allergy developing. Whenever I go to my parents house, who have 2 dogs (bichon/shit-zu and a bichon cross), after about half an hour my eyes start to water, I get all congested, and things go downhill. So I’m hoping I don’t have that problem with this little guy.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so I’ve felt myself getting sick, so I’m hoping this congestion and sneezing is a result of that, and not little Gibson.

But yeah, so we got a cute little puppy and I love him to bits. He isn’t house trained, is kinda paper trained, so the next couple of weeks will prove to be patience testing, but it will be good.



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