Gibson has to go :(

So we have to give up our puppy. Our cute little guy who is the absolute cutest. He’s just so adorable…how can something so cute cause so much havoc with my body. Allergies. I play with him for about 10 minutes and my eyes are watering, my nose is running, and I’m all congested. I sneeze, and my lungs get full of mucus. It really sucks, because we’ve really grown to love him in the past week.

He’s quickly becoming housetrained, though he still pees during the night on the paper. I’m not sure he can hold it all night yet. But he doesn’t poop in the house anymore, which is awesome. He has learned to hold it all night. He goes to the door when he wants to go out and we are in the same room. He is so smart.

So I am sad. We brought him to the parents of the couple that lead our care group last night. They are looking for another dog. They already have a 5 year old male bichon something or another. They didn’t really play together, much to Gibson’s chagrin. I’m sure he would warm up to Gibson, it would just take a little bit. I’m not sure if the home is the right fit for Gibson, as he really has a lot of energy, and it’s a sort of sedintary home. I mean he’s always have constant companionship with someone always home, and another dog, but he’s just so active. He’s a puppy. So we’re not sure. We’re going to take him to Jo’s cousin tomorrow and see how he does with their puppy/family. They are a little younger with more energy.

So we’ll see. But I am sad.


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