Blogs I Read

So Jo’s cousins Ann and James adopted our little Gibson. We are sad to see him go as he is so awesome, but it is for the best. Mama Bean took him over on Wednesday and he had a blast playing with their dog, and hanging with the family. So it is sad, but I’m really happy for him.

AND!!! I even got a little section for me on someone else’s blog. Granted it’s b/c she couldn’t comment on mine… but still. 🙂 It made me feel special.

While mentioning other blogs I enjoy, here are the ones I check out on a daily basis:

Barista Brat – the rants and raves of a barista at Starbucks (no, not my wife, though I get to hear all of her rants and raves at home)

Clublife – a bouncer in NY, he recently released a book. used to be alot better than it is now, but still occasionally entertaining

My friend Tamara’s blog, rarely updated.

Tamara’s husband Tyrel’s blog. He’s a conservative, redneck, tin-foil-hat-wearing, gun-loving kinda guy. (nothing wrong with the gun loving 😉 )

My wife’s…well it was. She hasn’t updated in almost a year 😦

A blog from some dude that is a nurse in an ER. Usually pretty interesting

Stories and Experiences of a Red Lobster Employee. Quite enjoyable, updates in spurts

So You Own A Swimming Pool One of my favorite blogs! Written by SkippyMom. She’s an excellent writer, and always has some interesting story.

The Insane Waiter. Another waiter blog that I read. I seem to enjoy waiter blogs.

My friend Kari’s blog. Hasn’t been updated in awhile but…I keep hoping

times and places. Written by One Smarmy Mama. Been following it for quite awhile. Quite enjoy it.

Waiter Rant. One of the originals, and by far the best. Former priest wannabe, and now a waiter in New York. Amazing writer with a book coming out in the next couple of months.

This was the entry I started earlier today…then I found out about Reagan.


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