Bye Reagan

You know how I know I hae a great care group? B/c when I told them about Reagan the first thing out of their mouth wasn’t, “Was he saved?” Which makes me immensly happy. (they didn’t even ask it at all) I was dreading someone asking this. Mostly b/c I knew it would push me over the edge, because it really doesn’t matter and the last thing I need to hear is that bullshit. So a big thank you to my awesome care group.

Reagan’s memorial service was on Sunday, up in Edmonton, but I didn’t go. It was a huge event, with lots of people for all 3 of the folks that died. And I understand that it’s a memorial service, and that they all need to be remembered, but I would lose my patience after sitting in a 3 hour service for people I don’t know. Cold? Heartless? No, I just wanted to go to a funeral for Reagan. It’s okay though, I have my memories, and they’ll be there forever, and that’s what counts.

Reagan’s favorite story to tell us was from when he was at Olympic Trials. He was on the starting block, getting ready, and as he bent over he split his suit right up the middle showing his bare white ass for all to see. Moral of the story: Don’t gain weight in the off-season/christmas break. 🙂 He was awesome, and will live in my heart always.


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