Preggers! (no, not us)

Lately, for some reason, pregancies make me super happy. Maybe it’s because they are people that I love and appreciate.

Like Kari. We found out about Kari’s pregnancy a month or so ago, and it just made me so happy. When Mama Bean and I went out to visit her and James and heard that they weren’t not trying, it made my stomach do a little flip. It’s just that they will be the most awesomest parents ever! Kari’s going to turn into this beautiful pregnant woman. Mama Bean said to me the other day that she’ll cry when she see’s Kari’s pregnant belly, and it kinda hit me again. Kari’s preggers! When I think about it, it’s like everything is coming together. Happiness in people’s lives. This is what life is about. Happiness.

And I just found out that my friend Abby is pregant! We met playing EQ2. Her and her former boyfriend played together all the time and they were always on when I logged in. So I got to talking to her in-game, and when I quit she sent me her e-mail and we’ve kept in touch ever since. So she is pregant!

Her new boyfriend (well, not new, but not the guy she played eq2 with), Jason I think his name is sounds really awesome. He is quite the blessing in her life, and it makes me so happy for them. It’s so nice to see her happy.

So yeah, pregnant friends are awesome! Stacey is due in November, I can’t remember when Kari is due.

So much happiness!


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