Taking Christian Back

Why should the “Christian Right/legalistic Christians/conservative Christians” get the word “Christian” associated with them and all the negative connotations that go along with them?

Why should liberal/non-legalistic Christians have to find another way of calling themselves Christians without using the word “Christian”?

I’m sick of this. I want the word Christian back. I don’t want to say that I’m Christian in fear that people are immediatly going to think I’m this conservative, biggoted, fear-mongering, conservative nut-job.

I’m taking Christian back. If it means explaining myself every single time I tell someone that I am Christian, then so be it. If it means writing to the editor everytime I see the word Christian used to describe right-wing, conservative Christians without qualifying they mean right-wing, conservative Christians, then so be it.

My name is Christopher Neufeld, and I am a Christian.


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