shitty week…:(

Alright, so this week fucking sucks. I woke up so pissed off yesterday morning that listening to Meatloaf all the way in wasn’t enough to shake it.

Monday we dropped the price of our house by 6 grand to $338,900. We’d been on the market for 23 days with not a single offer. A decent number of showings (2-3 a week, which is good for this market), but no offers. On the bright side, we had two showings in two days immediately following that drop, and even an offer. Too bad the offer was shit, but I’ll get to that.

Tues we get word that Jo’s last day at the clinic is this Saturday. WTF right? Exactly. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Jo, being the considerate person that she is, let the doctors know a month or so ago that we are thinking about moving this summer, as she is in a 2 year contract that ends next June. They were cool about it and said to give them a few weeks notice when we nail down a solid date, and that she could work until the end of the summer. They said they’d be looking for someone new, and not to be insulted if they asked her to help train the new person. Okay, so these guys are assholes. We know this, I’ve mentioned it before. On Tuesday they pull Mama Bean into a meeting at the end of the day and say that they’ve found someone new, and that she will be starting the following week. Since Mama Bean is on vacation this works well, and Saturday will be her last day. What?! Umm… WHAT?!? So Jo, being the amazing individual that she is, takes it gratiously instead of telling them to fuck off as I’ve been known to do, and leaves for the day. Oh wait, she doesn’t leave just yet. They tell her she’s been let go, and then has her adjust the last few patients of the day so they can leave.

Now these guys have treated her like shit from the getgo, but it was her first chiro job, and they’ve been her doctor’s since she was a kid. So she has stuck it out. She’s had more perserverence and patience than I though humanly possible. There’s no way I wouldv’e put up with the amount of shit they put her threw. They see 100+ patients a day, of which she gets to see 4 or 5. They tell her to bring in more patients…why? So they can adjust them, and she sit around? The patients she did get were the ones the other guys didn’t want to deal with. The fat ones, the stinky ones, the mean ones, and assholes.

She is also due 10 days vacation per year under her contract. She isn’t technically an employee, more of a sub-contractor, but the contract is really fuzzy about the details, and ambiguous about the shit we are dealing with now. So next week we are on holidays, and they weren’t going to pay her for it since she’d being let go before she leaves. She asks them about that, and they tell her today, “Okay, so since we aren’t paying you for next week, today will be your last day and you can have the next 2 days off with pay.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? And we can’t say anything because they are Jo’s only professional reference, and we can’t burn bridges. Burn bridges? Fuck, I’d like to burn their fucking building down. Seriously. What a bunch of useless fucking assholes. For fucks sake. Who the fuck pulls shit like this? It’s a professional fucking office. THEY ARE FUCKING DOCTORS! But I guess that doesn’t matter when you are an asshole at heart.

So that was our Tuesday.

Wednesday brought the joy of an offer for our house! Joyous occasion right? Well, it started off that way, except that the buyer’s realtor was a FUCKING TOOL. Or, as my dad said it, a dingbat. She was acting as the other couple’s realtor and morgage broker (and probably life coach). It seemed like she was trying to offer them the world and help them make all their dreams come true. They came in with an offer of 335, which is 4 less than the asking price, and what I found to be acceptable. The problem was that their deposit was only 2 grand, and they had a condition that their house had to sell. Nope. In this market, I’m not waiting on someone else’s house to sell in order to buy mine. If you are that interested, sell your own house, then come back and make a serious offer. And as for the 2000 deposit, we wouldn’t get it until their house sells. So a 2000 deposit is tiny. The norm is $5000. 2000 you can walk away from if there’s problems or you find something else and screws me over. 5000 is a little harder.
So I countered their offer asking for then to drop the clause that requires their house to sell, and to raise the deposit to $5000. When my realtor presented that to the buyers they weren’t too pleased, but whatever. So we wait for their response…and we wait…and we wait. 45 minutes later we notice her car isn’t outside anymore. So my realtor calls to ask what’s up. And this lady is all insulted that we would possibly counter offer, that it was such a good offer, blah blah blah. Ummm..how about you FUCK OFF, and don’t be so fucking rude and tell us that you are declining our counter-offer and that’s fine. But to leave us sitting there wondering? That’s not cool. Her name was Lynn Lamb, a realtor for Coldwell Bankers, and morgage broker for whomever. I wouldn’t recommend her to no-one. She was rude, and over invested in her client. A bad combination.

So yeah…this week has been sucking the big one.


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