We are going on vacation this upcoming week; 7 days in beautiful Fairmont. Jo’s parents have a timeshare up there, so we’ll be spending the time with Jo’s immediate family.
I’m nervous and excited at the same time. It’ll be wonderful to take a week off of work and just go out there and relax. I’ll get to see Jo’s brothers and families, whom I don’t see much of, which will be nice. I’m worried about all the time Jo’s parents will have with us, and the things they inevitably say. I can deal with them fairly well, but that’s because I can detach myself from it, whereas Mama Bean isn’t so good at that. It’s her family, so the things they say effect her a little more. That’s what I’m worried about. Though I figure with all the little grandchildren running around, her parents will be occupied for the most part and things should go smoothly.

It should be a good week. I haven’t gotten to talk to Dave so much, and I’m looking forward to that. He’s a pastor out in Vancouver. He’s very much a big brother, and I can seem him pastoring the same way, which I find pretty cool. I’ll also get to see my nieces and nephews and play with them. Kids are so much fun.

So yeah, it’ll be good times. I’m looking forward to the relaxation. I’m gonna bring some books and my bass. I figure I’ll have some time to noodle around, which I’m looking forward to. Maybe learn some new things.

Oh, and thanks for the loving e-mails following my last post. The love and support really goes a long way. 🙂


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