A great end to a great week :p

So, so cap off an awesome week *puke*, I had one final thing to cap it off.

Someone made a copy of my credit card when I was in Edmonton last week. Today they started using it. Early this morning they bought $100 worth of pizza, then went on a spending spree with over $350 at Save-On-Foods, and 3 $200+ bills at Shoppers Drug Mart before the bank suspended my card and contacted me. I got back to them a few hours later and the assholes were still trying to use it at various places.

When I travel for business I use a card that I keep stricltly for business use for ease of expense reports. I made the mistake of using my personal one when I took the office out to Swiss Chalet for lunch. A $91 bill for the 4 of us, with a decent tip on top of that. For the rest of the trip I used my other credit card. And today I found out the shitty news. The charges will show up on my statement, and I’m just supposed to make sure I don’t pay for what I didn’t spend, and and investigation will take 4-8 weeks.

What a great fucking week…


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