God is Bigger Than…

My wife and her two best friends wrote this amazing article for a liberal Christian magazine, “Geez.” They entered a contest called “30 Sermons you wouldn’t hear in Church.” Mama Bean took a blog post that she had written previously and Kari and Heather added to and edited it and sent it in. And they got in! Their sermon/article/whatever was published! Yay them! It’s all about how God is bigger than…EVERYTHING! It’s cool. Read it. Comment on her blog and let her know what you think. And try to find love for the first guy that posted a comment, he’s in need of some.

You can read it online here. It’s pretty friggin awesome.

Mama Bean wrote a bit about it here.

Following that entry she received a comment. A rather lengthy one I must say, and one that spews nothing but vile, hate filled words under the guise of Christianity. His profile talks about love, forgiveness and peace, and yet writes shit like, “And the “strongest thing” in the evil one’s worldly systems? “Woman”…” and “Now “the ground was cursed for Adam’s sake” because he “hearkened unto the woman”. Adam listened to a woman rather than obeying The Only True GOD.”

This guy trolls the internet (i’ve found him in multiple places) and sullies the name of Christians everywhere. He is what is wrong with Christians today. How are we supposed to show people that Christians are loving, forgiving, and selfless when there is so many people like him?

It makes me sad. And yet Jo’s article gives me hope. And the fact that he responded, must meant that he read some of it at least. This is good. Maybe just reading that added another chink in his armour. Another spot for God to work on him, and show him what love really is. Isn’t that what Mama Bean wrote about? God is bigger right? He’s bigger than this guys smallness. And that gives me hope. It gives me joy. It helps me not want to not cut his fucking balls off and stuff them down his throat and choke him to death with them for writing shit like that about my wife.

(psst…no profanity…you should be proud of me miss stacey)


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