It Sold!

Well, conditionally anyway. Tomorrow is the house inspection, and as long as there isn’t more than $3000 in repairs, it’s official! Possession is July 31st. This gives us just 5 short weeks to find jobs, find a place to live (be it rent or buy), pack and move! Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeee! So exciting! It’s actually real now.

I sent an e-mail to Malcolm (our worship leader) letting him know that we will be done at the end of July and it kinda hit. I’m really going to miss these people. I’m not going to miss anyone like I do this church (family aside). Our care group, our ball team, our worship team….everyone. Miss Stacey, Fred and Tasha, Mr. Nelson, Jesse, Corey and Crystal, the little kidlings, Malcolm…so many people that I’ve developed a relationship with. I’ve lived in Calgary for 8 years, and have developed more meaningful relationships in the past year than the past 7 combined. It has truly been a blessing to find this church and these people. I love them so much, and am amazed at just how much I’m going to miss them. The love and support we have received has been overwhelming, and will be truly missed.

So thank you guys. I’m gonna miss you all.


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