Little Victories

At the ball game last night, the pitcher of the other team intentionally walked one of our biggest hitters. Which was bullshit. And I told him so. What I didn’t say though was “What kind of fucking bullshit is that?” I was going to. But I decided not to. Because of little victories. They feel nice. All I said was “bullshit.” Oh, and I called it unsportsmanlike behaviour. But that’s still good.

Things have been getting a little hectic around our house with the move moving ever closer. Boxes are everywhere, and we are doing our best to stay motivated and keep packing. I’m getting excited at the prospect of moving. It’s an exciting adventure we are setting out on. We sent in our application for the apartment yesterday, so we should hear back from them soon. We are subletting for 3 months, which should give us enough time to find a house. So many cute houses out there for such cheap prices compared to Calgary.

So life continues. 🙂


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