Winnipeg begins


It’s been good so far. We’re all moved into our little apartment, with the rest of our stuff in storage. Only a few hiccups with the move; nothing we couldn’t take care of.

Mama Bean and I each drove our cars out, while my parents drove the truck. After stopping for lunch in Medicine Hat the truck wouldn’t start. So after 2.5 hours of phone calls and waiting for the repair guy to come, it was fixed and they were on the road again. We stopped in Regina for the night and continued onto Winnipeg on Friday. We got to spend a great night with Kari and James in Regina and check out their awesome new house.

The rest of the drive was rather uneventful.

We met my Aunt and Uncle, and they along with their kids (our age, so not really kids) we unloaded the stuff into the apartment, had some dinner and went to unload the stuff into the storage facility. After unloading a bunch of the truck, we found that ther unit was padlocked…:( So we broke out the hacksaw and cut it off. We filled it up but still had stuff left over, not much, but a little. So we left a bit at our relatives and packed a few more things into our apartment.

Mama Bean and I have been enjoying Winnipeg though. It’s quite a nice little city. We’ve gone exploring some of their parks, and went down to the Forks the other day (kinda like what Eau Claire should’ve been) and even went and checked out their zoo.

We’ve been trying to find a church that could possibly come close to Journey, but have been unsuccessful so far. The first was a little MB church right next door to our apartment, but it’s very much geared to university students (seeing as how we are just north of the university, that makes sense). The one we went to on Sunday was more than a little nuts. Now I’ve never been to a charismatic church before, but those ppl were fucking crazy. Like more than a little off their rockers. So much clapping and cheering. I mean it’s good that there is a church like that for ppl like that who worship that way, but it’s really not for me. I really enjoyed the music part of it, performance style worship, but that’s what works for me.

We’ve also been doing some house hunting, which has been enjoyable. We put in an offer on a place tonight, but were outbid. It was an amazing little place, but that’s how it works.

I kept meaning to update this, so thanks Stacey and Tasha for your perserverance. 🙂


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