Letter to a House Owner

Dear Retarded Fucking House Owner,

So your house has been on the market for over 1 month. You’ve had 1 offer for $5k under your asking price that you flat our refuse, though they wanted posession in 3 weeks and you’d prefer 2 or 3 months.

I put in an offer for $185 with a 2 month from now posession date. While en route to deliver the offer I find there is another offer being presented. I up my offer to 189 before dropping it off.

2 hours later I get a call. You have flat-out rejected both offers and are upping the asking price to over 200.

Are you fucking kidding me? You fucking tool! Yes, there are lots of people in town listing their houses a little lower in order to start a bidding war over their place, which quite frankly is retarded. But They have their place on the market for less and 2 weeks and get multiple offers for far over their asking price. I’ve but in offers of over 10 grand over asking price and have lost it to people paying 30-40k over asking price. But when your house has been on the market for over a month, and you’ve only received ONE FUCKING OFFER, then there is a problem. The interest in your house obviously isn’t there. And it’s not going to be. You’re in Transcona for fucks sake. On the very outskirts of the city, you never even used to be in the city. Nobody is going to start a bidding war over a fairly nice property that’s way the fuck out there. Get over yourself, get a fucking clue and stupid wasting our time.




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