So I start my new job today. It’s my first winnipeg job, how exciting. Well, not really. I’m going to be working in a call center doing technical support for Comcast business customers in the states. So it’s the “techiest of the tech jobs” at Comcast, according to the HR lady there.

Training starts today, runs Monday to Friday, 4:00-11:30pm and lasts 5 weeks. 3 weeks(ish) of training and 2 weeks of on the floor training. On the “production floor” as they call it. Not sure what it’ll be like, so we’ll see. The pre-test was a whole lot easier than anything I’ve ever done before, and they didn’t mention anything about needing to pass a test when the training was done or anything, so…

The downside is the pay. $10/hr is less than half of what I used to make, and far to low for someone with my experience. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I can do better. But it’s quite alright, it’s just until I find something better.

I currently have a placement agency looking to place me with an engineering or architectural firm. Somewhere that can take advantage of my extensive Autodesk product experience. I had an interview with them last week, and they were pretty excited about my skill set. Now the market isn’t booming in that area, but they figure they can get me something in the next couple of months, which is awesome.

There is also lots of room to grow with this company, so should things progress here, there is lots of room to move up. Maybe the pay too?

So that is what is up on the job front.

And we’re watching Syndey White, which is great. Amanda Bynes is teh qtness.


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