Another Day, Another Dollar (well, more than just one dollar)

So today we went a little better than yesterday. They guys I work with are pretty good, and actually helped me with stuff today. So I learned some stuff, and think I’ll do alright. The bar isn’t set very high though, so impressing them won’t be too hard. The other term guy, who started in July, messes up continuously. He’s been there 3 months and screwed up almost every day. I’m pretty sure I shan’t dissapoint. It’s not a terribly difficult job, and it’s only the process that I’m unfamiliar with. I’m a smarty though, so I’ll do wonderfully.

I’ve started playing with a church here as well. The first service playing with them is on the 28th. It’s weird playing with different people. There isn’t much respect for the worship leader, the guitarists are a bit immature, and the drummer has been all over the place with his tempo. They have another bass player, but she’s only been playing for about a month now and really shouldn’t be on stage. I’m not saying that because I don’t think she’s very good, I’m saying that because she’ll learn lots of bad habits, and won’t have the time to learn the basics first before learning songs and playing with a band and performing. We’ll see how it goes though. Lots of praying and patience. It really is nice to be able to play again, and I’m looking forward to Sunday to see how it is live.


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