Signature Oops

So yesterday I decided I would join the ranks of coffee drinkers at work, and since we only have a little hotel sized coffee machine, I volunteered for bring in one of the 4 we have at home from our wedding. I also said I’d bring in a pound of Starbucks coffee since Mama Bean gets a pound a week from work. After all of this they started calling me coffee wench, so I added it to my signature and then sent myself a message at home to remind me to bring coffee. Having my the line under my name read “IMAC Services – Coffee Wench”

This morning I’m fiddling around with some email settings and mistakenly copy the coffee wench signature into a bunch of emails I’m sending out to end users and send it away to about 10 people.

I get an e-mail back shortly thereafter saying they are glad the IT department has a sense of humor. It took me a min to figure out what he was talking about, at which point I was more than a little embarrassed. Do I let it slide? Do I send an email apologizing? What if someone takes it the wrong way? Shit, am I screwed?
So I decide to send out a quick little email just saying “Please disregard the signature in my previous email. My apologies.” A couple of people wrote back with a “no problem” but otherwise I haven’t heard anything. I was just scared I’d get someone bitching at me, or worse sending it to my higher-ups.

So that’s my embarrassing story for the day.


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