So today is election day to the south of us. I know it doesn’t directly affect us, but indirectly it does, and the thought of what is going on down there does still scare me. I’m quite divided when it comes to things of a political nature. I’m opposed to things like the Canadian Gun Registry, a fan of social programs, pro-choice, a strong supporter of our Armed Forces, not particularly patriotic, despiser of protesters, and the list goes on. So I sit on the fence when it comes to voting. But for today’s election, it’s a pretty clear choice. Vote for Obama. McCain is right-wing crackpot who will die half way through his term leaving the country to be run by…by…her.
So yeah, everyone has an opinion, I just don’t get to vote with mine. So lets hope our neighbors to the south make the right decision.

I listen to the Christian radio station, which most people don’t seem to understand, but I like the music. I despise Dr. Dobson and the bullshit that spews from his mouth, and the majority of the programming that is not of a musical nature, but during those times I have a whole lot of other radio stations to listen to. But as of late the ads have been getting increasingly disturbing. Like one about how there is no “missing link” because of the flood. And that the weight of the water over the entire earth caused a great amount of pressure skewing things like carbon dating making it an unreliable method to determine the age of something. And ads from the Christian Heritage Party going on about how the conservative government isn’t conservative enough, and that if you really want a conservative government then you should vote for them. Seriously. This is the shit that comes out of my radio…and it makes me sad.


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