Prop 8 is bullshit

Ummm…what’s going on? I thought we were moving forward, not backwards. We being society in general. What is this proposition 8 bullshit? Coming from a Christian background, I understand where conservative Christians are coming from, but I don’t think that excuses inequality. Saying someone doesn’t have access to the same benefits and rights that I have being a heterosexual male because they are homosexual is bigotry. Now I know it goes both ways, the tree-hugging hippy leftists are just as bad when it comes to slamming religion, as the bible misinterpreting right-wing nutjobs are when slamming anything that they think threatens to oppose their religious beliefs.

I understand that the religious right is upset because they think that allowing “the gays” to marry is defiling the sanctity of marriage; that marriage was set forth by God to be a sacred bond between man and woman. But didn’t defiling the sanctity of marriage happen when 50% of married couples started divorcing?

And it goes both ways. There are ads on TV saying that same-sex marriage will bring ruin to our world, and there are ads showing religious people as psycho-nut jobs that are all intolerant and insensitive.

It’s also upsetting that they group abortion rights into gay marriage rights. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with each other. There are so many news companies that are just clumping the two issues together in one story.

Now Proposition 8 is only affecting California law, but it will set a precedent that will sweep across the US.

So this whole Prop 8 bullshit pisses me off. It saddens me that the religious fanatics are sullying the love of Christianity with their hatred and mistrust. Not all Christians are against same-sex marriage and want to outlaw abortion. It doesn’t make them any less of a Christian, or anymore likely to go to hell. It’s what is in your heart people. It’s the love for everyone, and your trust in Jesus. Why can’t people understand this most simple of ideas?


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