So Mama Bean is going to be starting a practice out of our house. Yay! She hasn’t had much luck on the job front here, so we figure it’s time to take charge and go ahead with doing it alone. She’s a little scared, but also quite excited. We are going to turn our dining room into an exam room/office for her. We’ll buy a table and get the room setup nicely for her. I’m excited for her. It’ll be great for her to move ahead with her chiropractic career, get out of Starbucks and immerse herself in what she loves. Working as an associate in the clinic in Calgary really drained her and made her start to second guess her love for Chiropractic. I think this will help her find that love again and allow her to do things her way.
It won’t be profitable enough for her to do just that to begin with, so we’re thinking she’ll get a part time job doing clerical stuff or something and have other hours set aside for clinic hours. It’s an exciting step forward and one that I think will really pay off.
Right now she’s working on getting all the specifics figured out like licensing, paperwork, etc… and I’m going to give her a hand getting a web presence.


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