Useless Associations

Sometimes it feels like I’m just starting to get up and I get kicked back down. Things have been going pretty well. As I said in my last post things are getting going with Mama Bean and her practice, and I’m enjoying work, and we are getting settled here in Winnipeg. Then Mama Bean gets a letter today saying that she has to pay a mandatory levy to the chiropractic association to help cover legal fees for some bullshit case against the chiro assoc. Now the whole suing chiropractors over stupid shit is a completely different rant for another day. Mama Bean became licensed as of Oct 1st so that she could find a job, and use the resources of the association to help her achieve that. It’s now the middle of Nov and she isn’t working. She isn’t a practicing Chiropractor right now even though we paid over a thousand fucking dollars to get her licensed until the end of December. And I am fine with that. This is what we had to do to help her get a job and start practicing. The fees are a little exhorbant but whatever… Now another $500?!? Are you fucking kidding me? She isn’t practicing. She isn’t making any fucking money, and we have to pay another $500. Oh, and it’s due in 2 weeks. Go sodomize a dead goat. Umm…excuse me? Yes you over there. You dumb fucks who think that all chiropractors are made of money. We don’t have it. we can’t just afford to give you guys another fucking $500. Oh, and come January, she’ll owe them another 2 grand or so, give or take. lol, not give or take. Give. It won’t be less than that.

I think there should be a disclaimer for chiropractic student prospects. **Warning: You will be charged exhorbant fees to practice and then they will randomly charge fees throughout the year.***”

Now don’t get my wrong. Chiropractors are great. Stupid fees are not.


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