The Quest to Become a Better Writer

I want to become a better writer, and I have 2 years in which to get a good start. The thing is that I don’t know how. How does one become a better writer? I surf through a large number of blogs everyday and they are all well written. This is part of the reason I read them. Someone could have great ideas, but if they don’t know how to express them in a coherent structured manner, it becomes lost in the mess. I think this is what happens to me. I just sat down to write a bit about how Judas has been unfairly demonized for his part in the betrayal, and subsequent killing of Jesus. And how by vilifying the Jews for killing Jesus, people are missing the point. Jesus was SUPPOSED to be killed. It was part of the prophesy. And besides, how could he have been he ultimate sacrifice if he wasn’t killed?

But I struggle to express myself with words. I have all of these ideas running around my head, but I don’t have the words, or ability, to put them to paper (or screen).

My goal is to be back in school in 2 years and get my degree. I’d like to be a better writer by that point so I can focus on the other aspects of my schooling and not have to worry so much about my writing.


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