New Church?

Mama Bean and I, along with our friends Nancy and Brent (who recently moved here from Calgary) went to check out a new church, Central Baptist Church. That’s right, their website is coolbaptist.com; their pastor helps it live up to its name. He’s the Rock n’ Roll preacher (www.rocknrollpreacher.com). A larger-than-life lead pastor and lead-guitar-playing worship pastor. He’s quite the character, and I think he probably does a good job. It’s a small church, of only 40ish or so people, but the community was noticeable the moment we walked in the door. I haven’t found anything like this since leaving Journey. Journey was amazing, and we were really spoiled there and I think that setup some unrealistic expectations when we came out here. I’m not sure what Nancy and Brent thought of the church, or Jo. Mama Bean said she liked it, but that was after my obviously excited bubbling about it. We are committed to play at Grace for the month of December, but I would really like to start attending Central come January.

I’ve spent my day listening to K-LOVE, a national Christian radio station out of the US. The announcers in the morning drive me nuts, mostly because the guy refers to his wife as his “lovely bride” even though they’ve been married for years and it gets annoying. But Christian radio is something I enjoy; though I get made fun of for it. It’s nice to immerse myself in the happiness that is Christian radio (with the exception of the obviously conservative, ass-backwards ads that occasionally come through).


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