Sometimes I just want to throw my bass down in frustration (but I don’t because it is expensive).
I’m working on learning the bass line for Paul McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs.” (see video below) It is a solid bass line and really drives the song along. I love it. It isn’t a terribly hard line, but it is fairly quick with alot of moving around. I’ve gotten the main groove down pretty solid, but my tone is VERY muddy and I”m not sure how to fix it. It’s frustrating. I don’t understand tone very well yet. This morning I played in church, and while it went really well, I was having an off day with my rhythm and I just could not come up with anything with any sort of groove to it. It was just some boring ass shit. Not to mention ending a song on the 6th instead of the root and letting it hang thinking, “This doesn’t sound quite right, why doesn’t this sound right?” Not something to do on stage. Things just were not coming together for my playing and it was just so frustrating. I was so impressed with myself for learning the groove for “Silly Love Songs” yesterday because it was one of the songs that got me interested in playing bass in the first place, but was beyond my limited skills when I first started learning. I remember attempting to play it shortly after I started and failing miserably.

So some days I just want to throw in the towel. I still love it, but it just frustrates me. I would benefit greatly from lessons, but those don’t come free. 🙂 I have the basics, I just have trouble with the groove.

On the other hand my day ended on a high note because we spent the evening at a potluck and playing Settlers of Cataan with new friends, which I enjoyed immensly.

Paul McCartney and Wings – “Silly Love Songs”


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