Old Diaryland Entries

So I’m going to attempt to import all of my old d-land entries into blogger for the sake of keeping everything in one place. I was skimming through some of the older ones today and it makes me laugh. I’ve been posting since November of 2002 when I was at bible college, which is kinda cool. So we’ll see how this works.

So I have to create a new entry for each d-land entry. So I have to open each d-land entry, copy it, paste it into blogger, adjust the date, post it, and repeat. That and I stop and read little bits so it takes awhile. 🙂 But it’s fun. I’m sure it’ll bring up lots of things for me to post on as well. They start in 11/02 and run until Mid-05 when I switched over to blogger. So for those of you who didn’t know me back then, it’s a rather amusing read. 🙂


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