A little Saturday afternoon drive

So I went for a little drive today. Well, it should have been a little drive anyway. I went to pickup some wall-mounted guitar holders. I want to hang my basses on the wall. It’s artisticish and it keeps them off the floor, and easily available.

I call a number of music stores and everyone is sold out. This place at the other end of town calls me back and says they do have some in stock. So I start the trek out there. I’ve never been there, but I figure I’m getting comfortable with Winnipeg’s roads so it shouldn’t be a problem. I look it up on google maps and head out. After driving for half an hour or so I determine I am not on the right road. See the music store is on Henderson Hwy. To get there I needed to take Portage, then Main, then the Disraeli Freeway and then Henderson HWy. From the map it looked liek Main turned into the Disraeli which turned into Henderson, which would be par for the course here in Winnipeg where it isn’t uncommon for a road to change names 8 times as it stretches across the city.

So I reach the end of town and haven’t found the place. I take a guess at where I went wrong and get to the store 5 min before closing. And they are sold out. I get back into my car, and hop on the perimeter to come home. Driving on the highway relaxes me, so it was a welcome change of pass from the Winnipeg drivers I’d been dealing with for the last 45 minutes. (I am now convinced I can break off that little stick on the left side of my steering wheel. Nobody here uses them, so I may as well break it off and get it out of the way)

Now I don’t have my guitar hangers, so my house isn’t going to start to resemble any time soon. Though along with not having the hangers I don’t have nearly as many instruments. 🙂


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