Longest Day of the Year…Really

Today is the longest day of the year. It’s true. Even longer than December 21st. Why? Because today will be 24 hours and 1 second long. “They” are adding an extra second onto the atomic clock today to compensate for fluctuations in the Earth’s rotation. It’s the 24th time it’s happened since 1972, and the last one was in 2005.

How crazy is that? How can you just add a second onto the day? Talk about power. Who are these people that they can do this? This isn’t just America here, this is Global! That’s nuts. I think “they” should take this power of theirs and put it to good use. Not just adding seconds onto the Atomic clock. I mean, if they have the power to make the day change from 24 hours, think of the things they could do? They could create World Peace. They could make it so that there are no more hungry people in Africa. Seriously. What a waste of power to spend it on changing the clock by 1 second.

I hear about this on the radio this morning, and got more info on my newsreader from slashdot.


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