A New Year

Welcome to the New Year. 2009. How many days will I spend putting 08 on things? For that matter, how often do I ever write out the date anymore? Is this something from the past that will haunt people less and less as the years go on? Or maybe just me.

I get to rock out at Central again tomorrow, which I’m quite excited about. Mama Bean will be singing too which is always very nice.

School is back on Monday, along with the requisite increase in tech calls since I have invariably messed something up with the work I did over the holidays, and exams are coming up.

I’m hoping to do a whole lot more reading this year, as well as keep up my recent trend of lots of posting. I enjoy it, I forgot how much fun it is. I’ve also started journaling again. I think it is still an important thing to do. Every little detail of my life isn’t fit for public consumption, nor should it be. Journaling should be an integral part of life. It should be something taught to kids at a young age and instilled in them. We used to have to keep journals at school in elementary, but it wasn’t really much of anything, and nobody told me it was imporatant, so I didn’t really start again until after high school. It’s such a great way to get emotions out, think things through, etc… Journalling is a really powerful tool.

I’m also hoping to shape up and lose some weight this year. I really want to have an active summer, and to fully enjoy that, I’ll need to be in shape before-hand. I want to get some canoeing in, as well as some canoe/camping trips, and camping and hiking. There is so much wilderness to explore out here, and it isn’t crowded with a million city folks each weekend.

I’m also going to continue to work on my writing, which I am starting with by increasing the amount I read. I figure the more I read, the more I’ll write. 🙂 And hopefully the more you’ll read, enjoy, comment, and maybe even correct. lol

I’d like to get in 150 posts this year. I had 22 in December, so as long as I’m posting a few times a week, that shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve been working on bringing in all my diaryland entries (a slow and tedious task), and it has reminded me how much I used to post, and it’s been fun reading through old posts. It’s neat following my life over the past few years. It goes as far back as 2002, so 6 years of life. That’s a long time, and a lot of changes. Lets hope the next 6 calm down a bit. 😉


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