Resolutions? How about Goals?

I like having goals. I never used to, but I’ve learned they should be an important part of my life.

I never used to be a huge fan of New Years Resolutions, but I’ve found the that having a set date to use as a starting point for goals, is very helpful. My goals could be accomplished at any point in the year, but I find the structure of having a starting time is important.

So, now I have a list of goals, and the methods I will use to accomplish them. I list them on my blog, to use you all as my accountability buddies. Public accountability. 🙂

My Goals (and methods for achieving them) for 2009

1. Pray more
– Write down prayer requests/things to pray for on cue cards. I learned to do this in bible college, and it was a great way to help stay focused, and to keep track of things to pray about. So I don’t tell someone, “I’ll pray for you” and then forget about it. I will write it down, and have a constant reminder.
2. Read my Bible more
– I’m going to set aside 20-30 minutes a day to read a passage and write about it. It doesn’t necessarily need to happen at the same time, because sometimes it is nice to read something, think about it and then write, but there will definitely be some reading and writing.
3. Read/Write more
– Similar to the previous one, but I want to read non-Bible stuff as well and write about it.
4. Learn how to tell someone about Jesus…and actually do it.
– Not really sure how to go about doing this. It’ll definitely require leaving my comfort zone since it’s not really something I do, but…it scares me. I’ll talk to other Christians about it, people at church, Greg, Rev. Jimmy, Brother-in-law Pastor Dave, etc… and get some ideas.

1. Get my A+ and Network+ certifications
– Study my little ass off for the next 2 months and get them written. I’m going to set aside an hour after lunch each day to study and cram my brain full of useless facts in order to successfully write the exams.
2. Get an Apple certification
– Once I am done my A+ and Network+, I will spend the next couple of months using that same study time to study for an Apple certification, probably the help desk one. I will also spend more time using OSX at work to further familiarize myself with it.
3. Become Dell certified
– Talk to my boss about how to get this, and take the requisite steps to make it so
4. Be on time
– Be out of the door by 7:50 to ensure I get to work on time everyday.
5. Increase the amount of side work I do, to increase revenue.
– I should be getting business cards soon, and I’ll be able to start handing them out and picking up more business. This will be easier as I get more certifications, and get my name passed around. Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.

1. Lose weight/get fit.
– I’m currently 248.6 lbs, and can do 1 chin-up and a handful of push-ups. This is unacceptable. By the end of the year I will be 210 or less, be able to do 24 consecutive chin-ups and 24 consecutive push-ups. I will accomplish this by following a daily regime of chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and calisthenics, as well as getting back on Weight Watchers. I definitely don’t look 250, but it sure feels like it some days.
2. Be a more loving husband (even more so than now)
– Return to doing things that I used to do while dating. Showing my love in more ways than just words; things like opening the car door for her, leaving her little love notes, surprise flowers, etc… Things I should be doing anyway, but have let slip over the years. We’ve only been married for a year and a half, but have been together for seven and a half, which is no excuse.
3. Sit around watching TV less.
– we have gotten into the habit of sitting around watching far too much TV and spending too much time idly surfing the internet. If I take the steps to ensure the completion of my other goals, this will happen automatically.

1. Increase my knowledge of music theory
– I’m going to actually start going through the large collection of bass materials I have. I keep collecting them, thinking they will make me a better bass player, without putting in the actually practice time with them to ensure this happens. I will start working through these by putting in an hour a night playing bass, which will include working on theory.
2. Improve my technique
– As part of my increased practice time, I will be working on playing all my various scales, modes, etc… so that I know them inside and out. I want to be able to sit down and run through my scales without thought and know all of the notes.
3. Learn new songs (not just church ones)
– I’d like to have a new song memorized every two weeks. I’m not sure if this is realistic, but I figure it is a good starting point. All I really know are church stuff, and just recently I’ve started branching out, because I want to start playing outside of church (see next point).
4. Play outside of church.
– With the improvment of my playing, I will feel more confident, and therefore play better, and know more songs. This will allow me the confidence to go and play with other people, maybe join a band, and play in real life, not just church. The people in the worship team at Central seem pretty plugged into the music scene here, and should be able to provide a little direction/help.

My longer term goal is to go back to bible college, get my undergrad and then get my M.Div and become a pastor. I know this is pretty far down the road, and that makes me sad, but I am staying strong and committed. I REALLY want to be back in school by fall of 2010, but everything really hinges on Mama Bean and her work. I’m not putting any pressure on her, and am happy to wait for her, but I just really want to go back to school. This latest discussion on Facebook brought back that love. I also have people in my life that show an interest in it, and that makes me happy. Kari and James have always been really great supporters of it, and Jo’s cousin Ann always asks me about it. It always gives me a chance to remember how badly I want to go back, and let them know that, yes, I will be going back, but not yet.

It’s going to be kinda surreal when I eventually go back. Watch it not be at all what I want it to be, and I’ll get all pissed off and quit. lol, not likely. Well, likely that I’ll get disenchanted with the process, but I have a goal here, and I’m going to do it. I’ve been waiting (and will continue to) for a long time, so I’ll have a pretty solid reason for being there.

So those are my goals. I think they are important, and I’m happy to share them. Thank you public accountability buddies. 🙂


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