I wish I could write like this

Today I discovered a few Theology blogs. Mostly by doctorate students, and very interesting. what blows me away though, is how they write. Below is a smattering of examples I’ve pulled off a few of them.

“Thus, for Christian ecotheology, imagining a Christology that is coherent in the tradition and moves beyond anthropocentrism is simultaneously a most significant desideratum and the crux maneuver for the whole systematic enterprise”

“Finally, I will evaluate the significance of the trajectories in Moltmann’s Christology in ecological terms and argue for the necessity of certain shifts if future Christologies are to avoid underwriting deleterious modes of interaction with the natural world. “

“However, he exemplifies presuppositions that drive modern culture to cut ties with tradition as a relic of superstition, and refuse to acknowledge anything but what can be empirically verified.”

3 short clips from this guy’s blog that I’ve been reading. And I do mean reading; you can’t just skim it when it is written like this. I have one tab open to his writing, and one open to wikipedia and another to a dictionary. I understand what he is saying, though it might take me a little longer than reading the daily news, but I’m proud that I can do that much.

So what I’m wondering is do all theologians and doctorate-type students write like this? Am I going to write like this one day? I can’t see myself writing like that. I mean it’d be pretty sweet if I could get my mind to work like that but…

Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool, and I like challenging my mind, so I’ll continue to read it. He seems to be a big proponent of “ecotheology,” something completely foreign to me, yet it has piqued my interest. I’m excited to learn more, and maybe some of his language skills will rub off on me. 🙂


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