Bad Practice :(

I had a really shitty bass practice tonight. I’m not sure why. I was grumpy and irritable, and my tone just wasn’t right. And I know tone can be changed with the turn of a dial, the changing of strings, or the difference in amps. But I don’t know enough to figure it out. Right now it’s easy to blame it on my amp. When I played on Sunday, the tone was absolutely amazing, though there were still issues. I had to turn my treble all the way down on my bass and amp in order to eliminate the background noise, which was kind of frustrating. But the tone otherwise was beautiful, I could even slap, which I can’t do through my amp at home for some reason. It just sounds like garbage. So that was frustrating, and ruined my practice. I practiced for about an hour, running through my Building Walking Bass Lines book, but I just couldn’t get into it. 😦


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