My body disgusts me. It has for a while now, and I’m finally going to do something about it.

Right now, I am irritable, and grumpy. I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s a mix of being out of shape, eating too much, and having a bad bass practice.

I’m 250lbs, and in the worse shape of my life. I still have a decent build, but it is now completely covered. I’m 26, and should be in the prime of my life, so what’s going on?

I got lazy. I used to love working out, but now…I’m so out of shape that working out sucks. I can’t afford a gym membership, so I have to workout at home. Chinups, pushups, situps, wall-sits, etc… It sucks. I used to be able to rep out chin-ups like there is no tomorrow. I once had to do a presentation on chin-ups. I think I did about 50 of them through-out the presentation, stopping at half-way points, holding it and talking before continuing. Now I can hardly do one.

I know what I need to do to lose the weight, to get back into shape. I exercise, and I eat less. 2 things that I am going to find very difficult. I’m pretty sure I can do the working out part, but the eating less is going to be rather difficult. My will power has gotten weak (but can be built back up), and I love my food.

I can do it though. Mama Bean will help me stay accountable, and I’ll track my progress regularly. I can do this, and I will. I’m tired of hating my body. Things need to change.


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