Alright, an update on my goals…

I’m not on top of all of them, but things are starting to come together so that I will be. I had a fairly large list, so to think I would make that many changes instantly would be a little far fetched.

When I wrote the original post, it was the first Sunday of 2009. Last week, Mama Bean and I started weightwatchers again (the whole counting points, and keeping track of what we eat, not the going to meetings part). This morning I weighed in at 237.8. That would mean I have dropped 10.8lbs in the past two weeks. Maybe I was eating a lot of garbage. And the best part is that I don’t even feel like I’m making much in the way of sacrifices. I think it is because we are also eating healthier that I stay full longer. And instead of snacking on junk, I eat popcorn. I think I’ve eaten more popcorn in the past week than I have in the past few years, but that’s totally okay. It’s so low in calories, fills me up, and takes away the mental cravings.

We also started using this book called Eating on Fire or something. It gives a weekly menu, as well as a grocery list for the week. This way we spend less at the grocery store because we aren’t randomly buying things AND we eat better because each meal has a protein, starch and vegetable. It’s amazing! My wife posted an entry on it, here.

Waking up this morning sucked until I stepped on the scale. It totally made my day. (and so far work has been anything but great) I’m also going to focus on doing daily exercises this week as I’m sure that’ll help burn even more.

I found out this running company near our house is starting a running clinic next month. I kind of want to check it out. I know my knees suck, and I’m still terribly out of shape, but maybe it would help. I’ll check.


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