Salt and the Bacon Explosion!

I just read this interesting article about the high amount of sodium in our daily diet, and how New York City’s Health Commissioner is trying to curb this. 80% of our daily intake of sodium come from “packaged foods and mass-produced restaurant meals.”

His proposal was made to some big names in food processing over lunch…

“Over the next five years, identify the foods that are contributing the most sodium to people’s diets and cut the level of salt by 25 percent. In a decade, cut it by another 25 percent. And do it in unison with your competitors.”

While I’m not sure about his method of doing it, the idea is brilliant. I especially like the gradual decrease.

So after reading that and feeling good about the changes that might be working its way into western society, I read this, the Bacon Explosion! Ummmm…YUM!

It is 4lbs of pork, rolled up into a fatty and smoked (on a bbq). 2lbs of bacon, 2lbs of italian sausage, rolled up with bbq sauce and bbq’d for a few hours! Seriously, YUM!

In the beginning, it looks like this: (place napkin over keyboard to protect from drool)

Then this:

Almost done:

And to finish:


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