alright alright i’ll do it

Sometimes I just find it hard to care. I’ve been studying for my A+ exam for like 3 years now and still haven’t written it. I even had my last place of employment buy the vouchers that I use to pay for the exams a year ago, and I still haven’t written them. The vouchers expire at the end of February, and I’m still not ready. I have 2 A+ exams to write and a Network+ exam. I’m almost ready for the A+, but I haven’t even started on the Network+ studying. ArGH! I have 3 and a half weeks in which to write them. 😦 The problem is, that at the jobs I have, I don’t really need these certifications. They are for lower level jobs, but they are also prereqs for higher lvl courses that I want to take. And it’s this simple bullshit that I really don’t need to know, but somewhere some nerds got together and decided that computer techs need to be tested on it.

So I’m buckling down and going to get it done. I’m writing both A+ exams next week, and will book the Network+ exam for the absolute latest possible day. I better not fail my A+ exams, but if I fail the Network+ it isn’t the end of the world. I’ll write it again.

So I’m going to do it. No more bullshit.


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